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Become a MAC Attorney

Requirements for Admission to MAC Appointment List

Initial Requirements:

  • Be eligible to practice law in Texas and maintain good standing with the State Bar of Texas;
  • Not have been employed by a prosecuting agency for the preceding 90 days from the beginning of the attorney selection cycle;
  • Maintain a telephone number and a private meeting space so the attorney can conduct confidential meetings and discussions with clients;
  • Maintain an email address to which the MAC Office may send official communication;
  • Maintain a physical address for official communication from the MAC Office;
  • Agree to the expectations and duties outlined in this document and the agreement between the attorney and the MAC Office.

Additional Requirements for MAC Misdemeanor Appointment List:

  • A minimum of one year of work experience practicing criminal law;
  • Completion of 10 hours of CLE credit related to criminal defense in the year prior to application; and
  • Other demonstrated training and experience related to criminal law, such as
    • Experience
      • Conducting some or all portions of a jury trial, such as voir dire, openings, cross examinations, direct examinations, and closing arguments, as first or second chair
      • Conducting evidentiary hearings in a criminal case
      • Additional years of work experience practicing criminal law
    • Training and Education
      • Intensive criminal trial skills training
      • Participation in a law school criminal defense clinic
      • Additional CLEs related to criminal defense
    • Other comparable relevant experience, including but not limited to, work experience as a paralegal, investigator, client advocate in a criminal defense practice, or experience providing direct legal services to clients.